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It’s goes without saying that in order to gain new patients via digital efforts, your site needs to be optimized for search engines. When patients go to search for a “dentist in [your city],” you want to make sure your office is being shown in those results. Competition is high on search engines as every local practice near you is working hard for those top Google search spots. Using an approach that improves numerous critical aspects of your site, our team can get you ranking exactly where you want to be, all while being as cost effective as possible in doing so.
Our unique SEO approach hones in on the most vital aspects of search optimization for local businesses. We do so by focusing our efforts on technical improvements, producing the highest quality content, and strengthening the site with external backlinks. Don’t worry if this sounds like a bunch of jargon you don’t  understand… We’ll explain everything for you along the way and handle the optimization efforts ourselves so you can focus on your passion: Practicing dentistry.
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Our services are broken down into three primary focuses. These focuses aim to bring improvements to your website speed, increasing the keywords in which you rank for, and drive quality, local traffic to your dental office.

Each of our services costs $350 per month, with no long-term contracts, ever. Not sure if you’re able to afford that? Reach out to us and we can custom tailor a solution just for your needs while fitting your budget.

Our Technical solutions aim to improve the speed at which your site loads, make it easier for Google to find your site, and setup backend improvements to better structure your website. 

  • Achieve near perfect Google Page Speed test scores
  • Create structured data so Google knows what content is actually on your web pages and what services you provide
  • Cut out ‘code bloat’ to reduce response times and drastically ramp up loading speeds
  • Attribute alt-tags and descriptions to all photos and media
  • Setup Yoast SEO throughout your website and custom tailor titles, slugs, and page descriptions
  • Eliminate any technical errors and so much more

One of the most important factors into what keywords your website will rank for is your content. Creating great content around quality search terms will position your dental practice in front of the local patients you most desire.

  • In-depth keyword research into what terms local search terms patients are searching for in your area
  • Curate custom content centered around these search terms to strengthen where your website appears in Google results
  • Improve H1 & H2 page titles
  • Strengthen internal linking to boost crawlability
  • Improve readability and much more

Many things can be done outside of your website which can give your rankings a boost. Earning links from other websites and ensuring your N.A.P (Name, Address & Phone Number) are the same across the internet will help bring additional traffic to your site.

  • Create external back-linking campaign
  • Track N.A.P (Name, Address, and Phone Number) to ensure directory listings are displaying your information properly
  • Create & optimize your Google My Business listing
  • Ensure social media links are up-to-date and accurate

how fast is your website currently?

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It’s important to understand that page speeds are vital to your SEO efforts. If your website takes too long to load, Google will usually use that against you and drop you in rankings, quickly. It’s very important to have a fast loading website for patients to use as if the load time is too long, they may find another office to get information from.
Do you know how fast your dental practices’ website currently loads? If your website rating is below 90/100 on Google Page Speed, it’s important to fix whatever it may be that’s slowing things down.

Structured Data is important

Can google "read" your site?

Google does their very best to understand each and every website they come across. They do so by scanning pages with robots who decide what the page is ultimately about and whether it should be ranking on search results. You can help these robots by providing them explicit details about your website by creating what is called structured data in your markup. Structured data explains to Google exactly what the page’s topics are, what can be found on the page, and (ideally) what you want them to rank you for.
Google also uses structured data to enable special search result features and enhancements. For example, a recipe page with valid structured data is eligible to appear in a graphical search result, as shown here. We perform similar structured data formation for dental practices too! This can not only inform Google that this website is a dental office, but can also help in showing the specific services and offerings the practice provides as well.

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