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Whether you’re searching for a team to handle your social media posting, or in need of a new website, we can help.

Website Development

Sleek, powerful, and guaranteed to make your dental office stand out from the competition. Our WordPress sites are custom coded and hosted on lightning fast servers, ensuring 99.9% up-time.


Ranking well on search engines is a combination of art and science. Creating content, improving site speed, and building backlinks are great strategies, but where do you start? We'll create that plan for you.

Google Advertising

Thousands of patients search for dental services every day. Google advertising helps dentists target those patients in a cost-effective manner, with detailed reporting each month to go along with your efforts.

Facebook Advertising

Our advanced Facebook advertising campaigns take advantage of the data give to us by 1.4 billion daily active users. Creating custom audiences, we can target your exact ideal patient at a very low cost.

Social Media Management

Regularly posting to social media allows patients to see you as more than just a doctor, but as a person. Our team produces fun, original content each week and can post for your office with ease.

Email Marketing

Patient email lists are rarely utilized and have extremely high open rates. We put those lists to good use by creating tasteful campaigns to offer existing patients referral rewards, offers, and practice news.

Your probably have questions

We have the answers

It can be overwhelming figuring out where exactly to start when you’re planning on purchasing a new website for your practice. We make sure to walk you through every step of the process and make this process as hands-off for you as possible. 

Our trained specialists will help you in determining what features your dental website should have and how we can provide them to you.

After starting your search for a website, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered cheap website solutions that offer ready-made designs. Wix, Weebly, and others are all relatively cost effective and offer a 

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of boosting the quality and quantity of website visitors by increasing the visibility of a website to potential patients on a search engine, like Google.

The term is very broad as it encompasses a number of things that you can do to increase your Google rankings, but most often, SEO work is done to:

  • Increase website loading speeds (Google Page Speed)
  • Update all directories across the internet with your proper business Name, Address, and Phone Number, also called your N.A.P.
  • Create unique content surrounding keywords potential patients are searching for
  • Setup technical properties so your website appears in search results properly

Perform link building to strengthen the amount of site backlinks

We hear often “Can you guarantee us the top spot on Google?” No we cannot, nor can anyone else and if they tell you otherwise, you need to run away, fast because they are lying.

We can position you at the top of Google searches though, and much quicker than the SEO process too using Google AdWords! These are the “paid” search results at the top of Google when patients search for a “dentist near me” or other keyword term. 

This is paid advertising though so as soon as the campaigns end, you no longer are in those top spots. Organic placements via SEO, are not affected by paid advertising, so we normally recommend to run Google Ads as we build your SEO presence as that process takes a few months to begin showing results.

If you aren’t utilizing social media, you are losing out on massive amounts of engagement opportunities. You need to get your practice in front of leads. With hours being spent on social media every day, there’s no better place for you to establish a presence currently.

Post informative articles good for patient health. Post updates about team member and the office itself. Post funny photos of the doctors or interesting facts about dentistry. It doesn’t matter what you’re posting so long as you’re posting content with the intention of interacting with your patients. The very best way to grow your practice on social media is by interacting and responding to their comments.

So yes, social media is critical to take advantage of and we can help you with support in that area!

Facebook advertisments are a fantastic way to acquire new patients at an affordable price point! Advertising on Facebook has improve drastically the past few years and it’s now more efficient than ever for dental practices to target their ideal patients.

Using proven audience targeting and custom content for each post, we can begin targeting potential patients in as fast a few hours from when we begin working.

Being certified Google Partners, we get this question quite often. Yes, AdWords is still a very effective means of targeted local patients, but you need to follow best practices! 

Our campaigns are built from the ground-up, custom for your practice. We create custom audiences and format unique ads to deliver the every best results to the very best leads. It’s vital you have your AdWords campaigns setup by a team who is knowledgeable of the platform so you don’t make simple mistakes such as routing your ads to your website’s homepage rather than unique landing pages.

With proper preparation, advertising on Google can yield significant increases in site traffic, calls to your office, and ultimately more patients in your practice.

As you can likely see, we don’t showcase our pricing on our site in rigid charts. We do this because every quote is custom built for your specific needs. If we create tiered plans with rigid offerings, you may be paying for things you don’t want and miss out on something you need. 

It is not uncommon for us to be told that our services are more cost-effective than our competitors, and we do so by creating pricing around the exact things you need rather than billing and performing services you don’t want. All of our services are offerings are on a month-to-month basis and we never lock you into long-term contracts. With no cancellation fees and no wildly strict contracts, what do you have to lose in getting a quote from us?

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