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Social media is one of the most revolutionary advancements our lifetime has seen. From what began as a way to connect with long-lost friends has blossomed into a platform for connecting small businesses with local customers. With over 2.4 billion daily active users, Facebook offers unparalleled opportunity for growth for your practice.
Advertising on Facebook is different than just regular posting to your practice’s page. Through regular posting to your Facebook page, your followers are able to see your posts and interact with them. Advertising works by allowing your to create posts that can be seen by people who may or may not even know you exist. By creating advertisements on Facebook, you can display your message to local people and turn them into new patients. Our systematic approach to handling Facebook advertisements for dentists ensures no lead is left behind.

Facebook Audiences

choosing the ideal audience

Advertising on Facebook allows us total control over who exactly sees our advertisements. This is very different from other advertising platforms such as mass mailing and tv commercials.

These platforms use a blanket approach, which shows your ad to as many people as possible in hopes a few show interest. With this approach, you wind up wasting a vast majority of your budget on people who will never become a patient! Why create a mailer for denture solutions and send it to people in their 20’s?

Using Facebook, we can define who exactly is to see our ads. By doing so, your practice is using your ad spend on people who actually may be interested.

Example Audience:
Dental Implant Ad

Dental implants can be necessary at all stages of life. Although possible, it’s quite rare to get an implant case for someone who’s young and sedentary. For this advertisement, we would want to aim our focus towards people who are involved in up-tempo sports or elderly people.

Example Audience:
Pediatric Dentistry Ad

Targeting potential patients for pediatric care would be fairly difficult using traditional marketing methods. You can’t exactly advertise to pediatric audiences, but using Facebook, you can target their parents! Using the below filters, you can’t hone in on parents with children and display ads to them instead.

How much does it cost?

Transparent Pricing

Advertising on Facebook doesn’t have to break the bank, nor drain your entire marketing budget. But, it’s important to understand what it costs so you can track your ROI. We work on a retainer basis when it comes to managing Facebook advertisements. There are two aspects to what you’ll ultimately spend each month: The monthly management fee and your monthly ad-spend.
Our monthly management fee is $350 per month. This fee covers the creation of advertisements, fine-tuning the custom audiences, and any changes/adjustments that need to be done. In essence, the fee covers every aspect involved in the Facebook advertising process from creating the ads, to monthly reporting.
Ad-spend is the next expense involved with Facebook advertising. Ad-spend is the actual money that is paid to Facebook in order to run the ads on their platform. Ad-spend varies based on a few factors including how many ads you wish to run at a given time, how fierce is competition, and specific campaign goals. We have worked with practices that vary drastically in ad-spend, from $150/month to $5,000/month. Not sure what you should be spending? Shoot us a message and we can discuss what your goals are and provide a recommended ad-spend range!
Facebook ads for dentists
facebook ads for dentists

No long-term contracts

Cancel Anytime

Although we back all of the services that we offer our clients, we make sure to offer you as much flexibility as possible. If you decide to run Facebook ads with us and after a few months aren’t seeing the return you hoped for, you are free to cancel at anytime.
You’re never tied into any long-term contracts when it comes to working with us and our pricing is as transparent as possible. With all of these freedoms guaranteed to you, what’s there to lose in giving Facebook advertising a shot? Our team has been handling Facebook ads for as long as they’ve been a thing. We have the knowledge and skills to gain you new patients, so let’s get started.

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